Monday, 12 November 2012

IB EXCLUSIVE: Anabel Englund Is Single & Likes Chocolate

Good evening dick lickers and crotch sniffers,

Tonight I have a very special interview with a girl I didn't even know existed until 2 weeks ago; if you'd asked me back then who Anabel Englund was I'd probably have said a break through porn star from the Yorkshire dales. If you ask me who Anabel Englund is now however, I'd probably do that shitty music thing where I belittle and patronize you for not knowing about a stunning artist who is showing some serious potential.  

So if I didn't find her on where did I find Miss Englund? Well just over 2 weeks back Hot Natured uploaded a video of themselves working in the studio and in tow was this mystery hat girl; knowing that Hot Natured did not include any female counterparts I took an immediate interest, one search into YouTube and the rest is history...

Please for the love of God listen to Englunds music, read the interview and get to know her, it's not going to be long before she's every bodies friend.   

Miss Englund, it's a pleasure to finally speak with you. 

Now, just to give people an idea of who you are - and to commemorate the death of MSM messenger, RIP - could you please tell us your a/s/l? 

Anabel Englund, 20, The City Of Angels ;$

I listened to "Blankets and Body Heat" - which went down a bloody treat by the way - before noticing you've also just finished some work with Peace Treaty - two contrasting pieces of work...I'm interested to know, what genre of music interests you most?

I love writing songs with the guitar and the piano, but I love house music so much that I can't help myself really. I think it's an interesting combination because I wouldn't consider my voice poppy sounding.
But definitely my roots with song-writing stem from acoustic and music that is generally more raw.

I also saw you were with Hot Natured in Club Ralph a couple of weeks back, could this possibly mean there is some collaborative work on the way?

There is definitely collaborative work on the way with Hot Natured. I was so happy to get in the studio with them and create songs from scratch. They all bring a different element to the table, and it was interesting seeing how they work. I was also excited to bring my flavor into the mix. I think people will enjoy it. I definitely do...

Any work from yourself in the pipeline? 

Other than Hot Natured, I am working on my solo EP/Album now. It's about time! I believe I have so much to share and bring to the world. Writing and singing and creating music is what makes me the happiest. It's what I wake up for.

Since its in your name, USA or Englund?

Haha, funny question. It was actually my first time visiting England when I went in October to record, and perform with Lee Foss and I didn't want to leave. LA and London are two complete different worlds but I loved being submerged in something I knew very little about. I can see my self living there for sure.

Marmite or Peanut butter?

I can't say I have tried Marmite before! But to be honest I don't like sweet things much unless I get a random craving. Chocolate is nice, especially the kind I tried in London.

Give us your current top 3 favorite tracks...

That is one of the hardest questions ever! But I love these songs and they're genres.

'B4 The DInks' -Lee Foss (unreleased)

What can we expect to see from you in the next year or so?

You can expect a lot, I plan on ruling the world...
There's going to be a lot more music, and a lot more me.

Lastly - are you single?

Yes, I'm single =^.^= meeeoow.

Christ we didn't even have to edit this one, Anabel you've been a friggin delight, we wish you all the luck in the future.




Lee Foss & MK feat. Anabel Englund - Electricity EP by Lee Foss


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