Wednesday, 28 November 2012

NEW: Chill Bump - The Eponym

Even as a proudly patriotic Brit I can safely say I envy the French. I envy their country side, I envy their weather, I envy their bits of food soaked in olive oil, I envy their women, and I even envy their friggin moustaches and names like Pierre De Creme BrulĂ© en Crouton Crepe. But now I can officially announce that I envy their artists too and not just the type that paint-I'm talking about Chill Bump

If you hadn't heard already they're a dope French hip hop group that make over simplistic music and with respect to their latest snap track they've hit the baguette on the head; a bouncy beat and infectious melody comprise of their latest release, the vocals speaking volumes above an uncluttered and unimposing background. 

Also Make sure you hear Chill Bump bring back the bump and grind movement with 'It's Alive'.

6 - I'ts Alive by Chill Bump


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