Saturday, 17 November 2012

NEW: Mikky Ekko - Pull Me Down

You know when you hear a new artist and you can't for the life of you put a finger on why oh why, they sound so friggin good; in the case of Mikky Ekko its this situation exactly. 

His voice is impressive, but not unheard of.  His lyrics are alluring yet still fairly conventional. The production is spot on but then again these days even the Arch Bishop of Canterbury is spitting sins in his studio shrine. So what is it? What makes Mikky Ekko - with his three-track-strong soundcloud - so approachable, so repeatable, so bloody addictive? 

Then it hit me like a sack of small childen...he's the whole package. He's got the voice, the backing of technically brilliant production and his lyrics are alluring; putting all these features together and you've just created yourself one hell of an artist.

Listening to his soundcloud you're taken through his every emotion, his music isn't as detached as many other artists are these days and your made to empathize with everything he's saying; as a guy I'd even go as far as saying you're made to feel slightly effeminate, an effect I found rather enjoyable while wearing silk boxers and fanning my balls.

I think there is also another reason as to why Ekko has hit the nail on the head; he's singing within his comfort zone. What I mean by this is he's not trying anything too fancy or too different, its by this very nature I couldn't place this wholly simplistic but very talented artist in the first place.

We're sure to see some big things to come with this one, he's only three tracks deep and he's already outclassing many acts in his field. Too easy Ekko...too easy. 



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