Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Yazoo - Don't Go (Kolombo Edit) + DOWNLOAD

The fact I haven't been out drinking in a while is having a strong reflection on the music I've started listening to this week; a mixture of old school club anthems and feet popping treats, I think my body is trying to tell me something. Anyway before I explode into a rolling steam train of alcohol fueled psychosis I do believe a warm up is in order, usually I'd dip my plums into some warm milk and watch Fiona Bruce on the antiques road show but for this occasion I believe we need something extra special. 

Enter Kolombo and his radical rework of Yazoo's 'Don't Go'; I'm not going to go into loads of detail and tell you "this is the best track of the 2k12!!!" and "Kolombo will have you gushing like a school girl"...because quite frankly - in the context of this track - its not true. I will however do the decent thing and tell you its a perfect track to get you in the mood for what could potentially end up being, 'a fucking mad one'. A swanky bass line and some hefty vocals from the original all converge to produce a wholly appetizing track, the compactness of its length a seemingly perfect fit for what the track offers in substance.

Like the Sainsbury's basics range you know what your getting with this track - quite frankly it does the job fine -just don't buy into it too much, it is pretty basic after all.

Make sure you also check out Kolombo's - 'My Own Business' here.




Yazoo - Don't Go - Kolombo edit - Free Download 320K by Kolombo

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