Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Alpines - Catastrophically Epic

The first word that popped into my noggin when I first heard the Alpines new Sunday best was "catastrophically epic". Okay so two words, and ones that shouldn't necessarily be used together in a sentence but not even Lance Armstrong could fake liking these guys- they are in a nutshell- catastrophically epic.

Running amok in Kingston Upon Thames this London based duo features Bob Matthews (guitar and production) and Catherine Pockson (pianist, singer/songwriter); if at this point you find yourself thinking of the Ting Tings then please think again, this is by no means white trash, noooo no no no, this is - my ladies and gents - the real mccoy.  

After trawling through their work with spine tingling delight, it became evident to see the heavy connotations the Alpines share with the likes of Florence & The Machine, Emile Sande and Cher (see above picture). In regards to their latest snap track - 'Lights' - The Alpines have created a wholesome tale worthy of a Hollywood movie, its earthy sentiment resonating in a place we all hold dear to our hearts and its only with the accompanied video do we begin to fall in love with the motion of a story told in verse. 

I can honestly say I'm convinced. And not because the BBC tells me to be but because deep down I'm really a bit of a romantic which in reality I think we all are. Think I'm talking shit? Maybe I am, and maybe I'm still slightly wasted from last night but this is the kind of music that excites me. 

Have a listen, get excited and tell all you're friends about the Alpines. Why? Because Ill Behaviour said so, that's why.




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