Monday, 11 February 2013

Blonde - I Loved You + DOWNLOAD

Down boy! Down!

Sorry but my musical hound hasn't stopped humping my leg since we fed it this piano-rift rich chowder from the house depot store; its got the little runt real riled up and for one reason or another it seems to be having the same effect on me. Don't worry, I haven't started shagging my musical hound - that would be ridiculous - but I have been taken aback by the anthem-like delivery with which Blonde has gifted us this pro-90's breadwinner. 

Classifying this as a part Ibiza part school disco type of track; I'm going to go as far as saying you could play this to little Tommy No Mates at his prenuptial 8th birthday party and still have everyone sliding on their knees come the 1 minute 30 mark, its a seriously fun track and one that should be enjoyed at any given gathering.

If you want to find out more about the blonde bombshell from the UK then have yourself a fiddle with the links below; like his facebook page for the FREE DOWNLOAD.



I Loved You [Free Download] by Blondesound

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